[Mageia-dev] Why no totem-plugin-arte in Mageia ?

Jose Jorge lists.jjorge at free.fr
Fri Jan 11 20:14:45 CET 2013

Le 11/01/2013 19:53, AL13N a écrit :
> Op vrijdag 11 januari 2013 09:50:46 schreef Götz Waschk:
>>>> the new version of totem-plugin-arte was uploaded to cauldron, please
>>>> test
>>>> it.
>>> Finaly I could try it. Sound was missing because gstreamer1.0-faad was not
>>> installed. Maybe totem-plugin-arte should also go to tainted media, and
>>> require faad?

> maybe it should be built without like now, and additionally also with faad
> support in tainted

No : totem-plugin-arte is just a playlist plugin that takes it from 
internet. But as the media of this playlist has AAC audio, it is useless 
without faad.

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