[Mageia-dev] What's the point of the latest nvidia update?

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Sun Jan 20 22:50:16 CET 2013

Robert Wood skrev 20.1.2013 23:16:
> So you're saying that because v295 has been out a while you feel it's
> stable so you're happy to have that in the official repositories? I can
> kind of understand that, although in the case of nvidia you'd think they
> had already done the bug fixing.

If that ever would be true...
many times when they add support for new hardware, old support gets 
either broken or dropped...

for example going past 304.x to 310.x or higher drops hardware support
for older hw.

> Anyway, in the case of the latest nvidia version it certainly does have
> new features, because it supports newer cards. In this case, it's not a
> big thing because it's relatively easy for me to install, but I would
> think that for new users who have modern software you'd really want them
> to have access to it. After all M2 is the latest stable release.

But yes, this is a thing we need to improve... without breaking
anything in the process...

The best way for now to get newer drivers is to rebuild the srpm in 
cauldron and install that.


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