[Mageia-dev] Status note

Pierre-Malo Deniélou pierre-malo.denielou at rhul.ac.uk
Sat Jan 26 12:19:22 CET 2013

On 26/01/13 05:58, Joseph Wang wrote:
> I've been avoiding checking anything into the tree so as not to
> interfere with the Mageia 3 release.  But I've been quite busy at
> working on various projects to be checked in as so as Cauldron opens
> up.  Most of them involve somewhat more than packaging since I've been
> sending patches upstream
> The things that I've been working on are:
> 1) Cinnamon environment.  I not only have a cinnamon environment
> working on my local box, but I've also created a set of packages that
> pull in all of the latest cinnamon themes, applets, and desklets.
> 2) Games: I'm tracking development for raceintospace, golly and
> leocad.  I've also got a local package of freeorion.
> 3) Astronomy/Visualization: I've created packages for the top
> astronomy programs on sourceforge.  These have either eye candy or are
> professional tools or both.  The things that I've packaged are
> virtualmoonatlas, aladin, ds9 and a ton of astronomy related python
> scripts.  I've also worked on a drop in replacement for pgplot based
> on plplot and a Pypi ->  rpm script.  I also have a local package of
> elmerfem working.  I was going to work on paraview, and there are some
> install issues, and I'd like to work on ds9 first.
> I also have mesa working so if anyone wants to simulate a star, let me
> know.  The problem with mesa is that theorists work mainly with
> source, so I've been trying to figure out the best way of packaging
> mesa to allow for tweaking.
> 4) opengl for ATI: I was working a while ago trying to get the open
> source GPU/glamor drivers working on the newest AMD card, but that
> doesn't seem that useful since AMD doesn't seem interesting in this.
> There are some bits and pieces in my dev box that might be useful if
> someone else is working on this.
> I'm also interested in taking requests.  If there is some game or
> astronomy related package that you'd like to get packaged let me know.

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your work!
May I suggest you look at the new package requests on bugzilla?

There are almost 500 of them :-).


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