[Mageia-dev] [council] *ping* Media query: secure boot support

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Tue Jan 29 10:11:55 CET 2013

Olav Vitters skrev 29.1.2013 10:43:
> On Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 01:43:25PM +0100, Marja van Waes wrote:
>>> From: Sam Varghese<sam at gnubies.com>
> [..]
>>> I would like to know what Mageia plans to do about secure boot - when
>>> you will have a release that supports booting on hardware on which this
>>> feature is enabled.
> I'm wondering as well. I've been thinking to upgrade my system somewhere
> this year. This means secure boot, UEFI, etc. It would be nice if Mageia
> supports that nicely.

Supporting (U)EFI does not require SecureBoot support...

we wont support SecureBoot for Mga3, and there is no rush considering
a lot of changes is still happening on several fronts...

I will try to see if I can fix the UEFI part for ~beta3, but no promises 

And for people thinking of Windows 8 dual boot... Win8 does not 
_require_ SecureBoot either... (only the overprized RT does)

And personally, I dont think we should ever bother with the SecureBoot 
crap as its flawed in so many ways...


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