[Mageia-dev] Segfault with new LibreOffice packages

zezinho lists.jjorge at free.fr
Thu Jan 31 17:47:50 CET 2013

Em 31-01-2013 12:39, Robert Fox escreveu:
> kernel: soffice.bin[4875]: segfault at 105cc098f ip 00007f9d7d720907 sp
> 00007fff9135ccd0 error 4 in libicule.so.50.1.2[7f9d7d70e000+3e000]
> Before I raise a bug, I want to check if  I am the only one here . . .
> Since last updates of LibreOffice in cauldron - I can not start it:
I can start it on x86_64.

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