[Mageia-dev] EFI/GPT

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Fri Mar 1 22:13:17 CET 2013

Bruno Cornec skrev 1.3.2013 22:28:
> Thomas Backlund said on Fri, Mar 01, 2013 at 09:42:41PM +0200:
>> Well, I do intend to make sure mga3 will boot & install on uefi hw.
> Great !
>> (as for secure boot, that I wont ever support)
> Hummm. Why can't Mageia supoprt it the way Fedora and Ubuntu are doing ?
> Using a shim boot loader ?

Well, I dont drink the MS cool-aid...
so I wont spend a minute worrying about that crap.

the "secure boot" crap is a vendor lock-in thought up by MS disguised
as a security feature so they can "own" your hw and tell you what you
can and cannot run...

sure, it can currently be disabled... but as soon as people start
accept this there will soon be a "Secure Boot v2" mandating it
be enabled all the time, and those that want complete freedom will
be screwed as MS gets in a position to control what can boot on your

We are promoting freedom and open source, not MS crap.

So the time to speak up is _now_ and fight this vendor lock-in.


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