[Mageia-dev] issue with accentuated letters with gnome: gdb vs gnome vs locale-br

Thierry Vignaud thierry.vignaud at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 07:00:36 CET 2013


For some time, I've issues with typing accentued letter within gnome
with br_FR locale (breton language).
I tried altered the LC_CTYPE content by replacing
   copy "en_DK"

But that doesn't fix it (and anyway that's the value since a decade).

I noted that gnome doesn't set $LC_CTYPE
When tested, both "LC_CTYPE=fr_FR gedit" and "LC_CTYPE=br_FR gedit"
allows me to type accentuated letters such as "é".

Also running "startx startgnomeclassic -- :1" from a tty works fine.

The difference is that in that case, the shell has read ~/.i18n and set
LC_CTYPE accordingly.

It looks like the issue may be when gnome is run from gdm.

Does that ring any bell to anyone?

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