[Mageia-dev] Why is AHCI statically compiled into kernel?

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Thu Mar 7 13:03:38 CET 2013

> On 07/03/13 04:38, R James wrote:
>> So the 'nickname' feature you request is available with a little
>> pre-install preparation and post-install config file editing.
>> Hope this helps -- RJ
> Thanks.  It will help a lot for my own use.  However, that really
> needs to be included in the gui disk partitioning, so that people can
> find and use it.  I'm fairly sure there is no way to do that at present.

imho: dolphin already shows the filesystem label; but, imho, there is no
need to use label instead of uuid on the inside... it's not like most
people actually look into fstab...

i'm not sure, but i thought the expert had a way to change label in
filesystems in the partitioner. label isn't used in fstab, but i don't
think it should.

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