[Mageia-dev] Freeze push: xorriso

Sandro CAZZANIGA cazzaniga.sandro at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 17:32:17 CET 2013


please let go xorriso. It's a bugfix release. Here's the changelog:

* Bug fix: On some drives the request for minimum speed yielded maximum

* Bug fix: Reading damaged Rock Ridge data could cause SIGSEGV by NULL.

* Bug fix: -tell_media_space altered the pointers to MD5 of data files
           which stem from a previous session. This produced false
           mismatches with -check_md5_r.

* Bug fix: CD tracks were reported with the sizes of the tracks in the
           first session. Regression introduced with version 1.2.0.

* Bug fix: -check_media use=outdev sector_map= stored TOC of input drive

* Bug fix: -hide hfsplus and -as mkisofs -hide-hfsplus had no effect.
           Thanks to Davy Ho.

* Bug fix: ./configure did not abort if libburn.h or libisofs.h were missing

* New command -move

* New -as mkisofs options -eltorito-id , -eltorito-selcrit

Thanks :)
Sandro Cazzaniga
Jabber: kharec at jabber.fr
Twitter: @Kharec

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