[Mageia-discuss] community magazine of Mageia

Olivier Méjean omejean at yahoo.fr
Sat Sep 18 21:44:19 CEST 2010

Hello there :)

As some you may know, i am the founder of the French community Mandriva 
Magazine called Magnum : http://wiki.mandriva.com/fr/MAGNUM (fell free to 
download past issues)

I am no developer, no more do i package, i may do bug reports, so i can't help 
much on technical side. I am rather on advocate side, promote the distro i use 
(Mandriva for the moment, Mageia in the future)

I want to create a community magazine for Mageia. Instead of creating for just 
french community, i want it for the whole community.

What is needed for it is quite simple :
- writers for articles. Articles can be written by technical or non-technical 
people. Articles are on presenting a development, a new technology, a 
software, tutorials, report of an event, presentation of community, interview, 

- translators. I would like to publish each magazine in as many languages 
possible, english, french, german, spanish, portuguese, greek, finnish, 
italian, ... An article can be written in any language then translate into 
english then translate into all other languages.

- proof-readers to ensure quality of the texts. From my experience there is a 
need of 2 or 3 proof reading of each article. maybe a first proof reading in 
the first language used is to be set before translation.

- The work of layout. Scribus is the best for publishing, it is free and free. 
With layer i think it is possible to have one layout for all translated 
magazines. Layout is also about including images, styles (once defined they 
should not change to much, btw use free fonts)

- Advocates that announce the publication thougout the web

- (oh, once more, a packager to create the rpm so users of mageia just have to 
install an rpm !)

- i was about to forget : chief editors to shout after writers who promise to 
write but did not have time to, to shout after translators who promise to 
translate but did not have time to, to shout after proof-readers who promise 
to proof-red but..., to shout after layouters who promise ... so you see the 
point ;-)

So, it is a nice stuff, it required manpower. French community was too small 
for a release each month (ah, yes, i plan to release it each month), i hope 
with an international community it will be easier to fill the magazine.

What do you think of it ? Am i completely silly or just silly ?

Feel free to react, comment, agree, join me !

Olivier Méjean
Président de l'Association des Utilisateurs Francophones de Mandriva Linux
twitter : obagoom
identi.ca : goom

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