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Daniel Le Berre le.berred at free.fr
Sun Sep 19 22:08:03 CEST 2010

Le 19 sept. 2010 à 21:41, HacKurx a écrit :

> First of all excuse me for my English.
> I am one who thinks that rolling release distributions sounds the future. Why?
> Because the user no longer has to worry about are system and benefits from recent versions of software.
> Now on libraries, xorg etc.... it may very well release a new version for inclusion.
> So imagine every six months a new version but in the meantime the software most used to constantly updated in a repository (this is equivalent to ubuntu ppa in some ways but stable and under control).
> So I think it would be nice to create a repository "rolling release" containing software commonly used example: firefox, vlc, liferea, thunderbird, mplayer.
> As you will not break the system because no library, xorg etc. will be updated.
> +1 repository "rolling release" commonly used for software (vlc, smplayer etc ...) _______________________________________________
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Isn't current mandriva backport exactly what you are talking about?

I use backport for that purpose and it works pretty well.


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