[Mageia-discuss] Project logo contest definitely needs a dedicated page

Thomas Lottmann skiperdrake at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 22:51:15 CEST 2010

  Hello everyone!

As I have been among the few who were in the networkless countryside, as 
well as with a ten month old little boy, I am just reconnecting to 
numeric reality, including more than 272 mails in my Box.

That quite complicated, in the middle of the mess, there have been 
fantastic submissions and proposals for our brand new logo.

I think that a mailing list is really not a good platform for such a 
contest. We need a dedicated website.
I think one day we will need a mageia-art.org website, but I am not sure 
it will be available soon to us, our project still has no structure. So 
I think we need to do just like Anne has done for the wallpaper contests 
: open a flickr account to help centralizing all the logo submissions 
and allow comments for each of them to make them better and finally 
decide in a more convenient place.

I would have done it, if only I was more familiar with flickr, but I am 
not. So if someone has the time, I think it would be really helpfull to 
open a dedicated and clear flickr page to submit all the suggested 
logos, and to place a link both in the mailing lists, IRC and website.


Thomas aka Skiper.
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