[Mageia-discuss] Helping out with infrastructure

Olav Vitters olav at vitters.nl
Sun Sep 19 01:32:53 CEST 2010

If you want some sysadmin assistance, I can help out. I'm one of the
GNOME sysadmins, see http://live.gnome.org/SysadminTeam. I have
experience with Bugzilla, Python, LDAP, etc. However, I never helped on
infrastructure side of Mandriva (only triaged many years back).

One think I noticed is the self-signed certificate. Note that a free
certificate for https://www.mageia.org/ can easily be created via

For Mageia hosting, GNOME has one server and a VM @ osuosl.org. Though
we don't use that machine much, I still have a very positive impression
about the hosting (plus it is free:).


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