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herman herman at aeronetworks.ca
Sun Sep 19 09:12:37 CEST 2010

Yes, there should only be *one* English forum and the
mageiausers.org/mandrivausers.org forum should probably be it, because
it already exists and is hosted for free by a FOSS supporting

If multiple language fora are required, then they should all clearly
reference each other so that users can click on a flag and jump to the
other forum.  

We should avoid having multiple redundant and unknown/confusing fora
like Mandriva currently has.



On Sat, 2010-09-18 at 23:14 -0700, Remco Rijnders wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 10:48:02PM -0700, herman wrote:
> > The Mandriva distribution has been dying by degrees over the last few
> > years.  The forum activity drying up is a reflection of the reduction in
> > the number of new users.
> Agreed and agreed. That's why I'm happy to see this Mageia initiative
> being taken; I think most of us on this list hope for this to turn into a
> succesful story. Too long have things been lingering as the result of poor
> designs and monetary problems.
> > The news around the fork is bound to generate a new round of enthusiasm
> > and new users should be encouraged.  
> Agreed. That's why I think it's important that as long as the project
> homepage sends new users to this list to discuss, that that is the
> appropiate place for 'the official' discussion to take place. The last
> thing you want is for there to be confusion on who runs the project and
> what it's official home is. Even with the multitude of Mandriva sites it
> was through the years not clear which homepage was the right one to use
> and which was available for free or which only for club members. Same for
> download locations, etc.
> > New users of course like web forums, since it doesn't require any setup
> > and a user with a problem sorely needs an easy to use web forum.
> Perhaps for most new users this holds true. I personally am not a fan of
> web fora, but I realise that is just a personal preference. Registering to
> post on a forum or sending an email to a mailing list, both which require
> you to confirm your email address, seem to be equally complicated
> (simple!) to me.
> > So, all new users coming here to figure out what the fork noise is all
> > about, should be steered to the regular Mandriva downloads and
> > mandrivausers.org.  They should not be discouraged from using Mandriva.
> I'm not saying anyone should be discouraged from anything. Till the time
> that Mageira actually releases something, I'm more than fine with people
> opting to choose Mandriva.
> With that said though, I don't think we've heard anything on the position
> of Mandriva SA in all this yet. Perhaps they might be happy to work
> together with Mageia and even rebase their own distribution on it in due
> course, but they also might oppose this fork and fight it as much as they
> can. I don't know which way things will turn out, but I think we should
> not assume that everyone is fine with this, especially given the criticism
> given to Mandriva SA and its management. Also, the fact that Mandriva did
> not launch a community initiative like this themselves has me somewhat
> wary as to their position.
> Because of this, *if* we have to point users to a forum, I rather point
> them to mageiausers.org than mandrivausers.org. (And thank you Paul for
> registering this!). On that board we can then point users to the official
> mageia homepage, as well as encourage them to take part in the discussions
> on the board.
> But I remain of the opinion that your original call to move all discussion
> to the forum is premature at this point and that should such a call be
> made, that it should be done by a mageia representative unless we want to
> end up with 20 different fora who all want the discussion to take place on
> their board.
> Sincerely,
> Remco
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