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> On Tue, 21 Sep 2010, vfmBOFH wrote:
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> > I did not say that representatives are decison makers. As its position
> > indicates, they "represent" their respective communities. Their vote (or
> > decision) *must* be their communities one.
> There is no need for representative democracy on the Internet, arranging
> local poll in each community and then a global one where the community
> reps vote takes more time and effort than a single global poll.

And what about people who don't undersand english, for example?

> All that's needed is direct links to the global poll from the local
> community web sites so everyone can partecipate.

And what happens if the options in the poll doesn't fit with a specific
community needs?

> > The "central hub" should be seen as a "parliament", where users (who have
> > previously elected their representatives) are represented.
> Completely disagree. And what about those Mageia users that don't have a
> local community or that prefer spending their time on the global forum
> rather than in local forums?

As same in the parliaments in the Real World (TM) there are mixed groups
whith their own voice and vote.

> Again there is zero need for a representative democracy on the Internet.
> It only distorts the true wishes of the users and potentially creates
> local ego-power-positions that only cause controversy and in-fights.

I think in a representative meritocracy, in fact... No place for egos and
controversy are if the work is evaluated.

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