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Gustavo Ariel Giampaoli giampaoli.gustavo at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 20:03:54 CEST 2010

> Opinions?

IMHO that the board must have, at least one member from each
Community. I'm part of Blogdrake.net, so I'll talk about my

Active members "use" to be always the same. From time to time, a new
user shows the "gift" DYS (Do it Your Self).

We know each other (virtually, because we're from different countries
/ continents). So, we know very well who collaborates and in which

We know who is always translating, who is always reporting a bug, who
is helping to improve the forum (code, modules, etc). We know who

So, for the board, to have a member is, not only necessary but invaluable.

IMHO that consider for the board only people who can go personally to
a conference in Europe to be face to face will leave aside a lot of
people that works very hard and contribute a lot just because they
can't travel.

A few years ago I worked under Romain d'Alverny's "command" (a real
pleasure) as member of the MDKTrans group, translating the Mandriva
web site to Spanish. The MDKTrans group, did a good job with only one
SVN access and even with its members in different countries. I think
none of the MDKTrans group could travel to European conference (maybe
someone), but even so we could contribute.

Of course, this is just my opinion.



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