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Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Wed Sep 22 04:46:13 CEST 2010

> I realise that what i described might not be the case in every FOSS
> project or not in even in the majority, but it isn't just wishful
> thinking, I know it is reality in some projects (even large projects).
> For example in the XBMC project (which is very large too), several
> devs partecipate occasionally in end-user threads on the XBMC forum and
> the interaction works very well as the devs are marked as such on the
> forum so the interaction is normally very respectful.
> This benefits boths sides as the devs stay in touch with what the users
> think about new features or issues and the users benefit from an insight
> into the thinking that lead to specific design choices.
> I think the reason this works well on the XBMC project is because the
> devs themselves use a section of the forum to communicate among
> themselves (rather than a ML) and therefore since they are on the forum
> anyway, it's not a big effort for them to have a look at the active
> end-user threads, too.
> While I'm in no position to influence this, I believe that Mageia
> and it's community would greatly benefit if the Mageia devs would use a
> reserved section of the Mageia forum (a subforum where only devs can
> post) for cooker discussions rather than a mailing-list, since it would
> bring devs and users closer to each other and facilitate interaction.

If you are talking about transparency with group discussions, ideally, 
this would be something that would happen in any group. However, I think 
that we are also realistic in knowing that there are some occasions when 
private group discussions are best for the sake of production.

Common sense should prevail and avoiding any situation where there is a 
smacking of elitism or group discussion behind closed doors should be 

Optimistically, it looks like we are all here to work in a cooperative 
environment. We just need to keep working at this and remind ourselves 
often of our community commitments.


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