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Fred James fredjame at fredjame.cnc.net
Thu Sep 23 16:02:18 CEST 2010

Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
> 2010/9/23 Funda Wang <fundawang at gmail.com>:
>> I think a branch is very different from a fork. For instance, forking
>> a process (programming) is very hard to understand in Chinese
>> literatrue.
> I see, so if something splits into 2 ongoing parts then one is always
> th superior and the other is the branch? Ok, I'm sure there are many
> expressions in Chinese which may be alien to our languages.
> Actually Mageia is more a branch than a fork anyway /me thinks.
In English (at least here in North Central Texas) when referring to a 
river, a branch and a fork are much the same thing ... either can 
indicate the dividing of a river in either the upstream or the down 
stream direction.  But in Unix/Linux a fork usually means that a process 
(the parent) makes a copy of itself (the child), and then these both 
continue, possibly on their own but not necessarily (do I understand 
that correctly?).  If that is so (definition of fork for Linux), is 
their an appropriate word or phrase (is that the right way to say it?) 
in Chinese?  Hope that helps.  Hope it isn't too hopelessly off the mark.
Fred James

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