[Mageia-discuss] Mageia-discuss Digest, Vol 1, Issue 162

Dwight Paige dwightpaige79 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 05:37:41 CEST 2010

On 09/24/2010 10:09 PM, Luis Fernando Carrillo Vega wrote:
> Hello to all.
> I've following this mailist for a while and i think it's time to
> introduce myself.
> I'm the author of this logo proposal:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/eleefece/5012254437/in/set-72157624887209341/
> As well as all of this:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/eleefece/sets/72157624887209341/with/5020364993/
> And i just wanted to say that if you want to give me some feedback
> regarding the logos, i'll try gladly to take your advise.
> well, i think it's all. I wish the best of luck for all the people
> behind Mageia, and be sure i'll help as much as i can.
> cheers.
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I've introduced myself earlier but said little as I am humble printing 
pressman. I like this:


because the stars add a depth to the concept of magic or mageia. But I 
prefer this color scheme:


or would enjoy more even more a color scheme involving Bordeaux and more 
black with also some yellow and/or gold. Not sure if I am knowledgeable 
enough but elegant yet bold with some contrast while staying with a 
somewhat simplistic design may render more better across less 
sophisticated hardware? Magenta is color not much represented in 
proposed logos and may translate psychologically differently and perhaps 
better than red. I love the idea of Bordeaux for something in this 
project though. Hmm... Magenta.... If only I had the skills to draw. 
Also a soft cherry color. Hmm. Just thinking. Dreaming. Imagining.


Ben Bullard

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