[Mageia-discuss] Think about bugzilla monitoring?

Farfouille farfouille64 at free.fr
Sat Sep 25 15:23:24 CEST 2010

Le 25/09/2010 14:12, P. Christeas a écrit :
> I think this is not an answer to the conversation. But it is perfect as a
> flamebait.
> You expect the Mageia installation to depend on Oracle, then
Sorry to contradict you but less monitoring of Bugzilla can be achieve 
by less bug reports and better quality and productivity of developpers.

About Java status, may I suggest you to read carefully what the FSF 
says, at last (headnote) about Java :


Btw I am not an Oracle fan at all ; I think very seriously to replace 
virtualbox with Qemu.

No flamebait, just discussion. ;)



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