[Mageia-discuss] Think about bugzilla monitoring?

Farfouille farfouille64 at free.fr
Sat Sep 25 16:20:45 CEST 2010

Le 25/09/2010 15:13, nicolas vigier a écrit :

> I think it is not so simple. There is no magic language that allows to
> write programs quickly without any bugs. All languages have different
> advantages, are adapted for different tasks, and usually everybody will
> disagree on which one is the best ...
Of course there is no magic language and I am not saying that every body 
should shift on Java ;). Only that higher the language is (read object 
oriented, garbage collected, compiled) more productive are the dev, 
clearer can be the overall architecture of applications, easier it is to 
dive into the code and at last better can be the quality (I write 'can' 
because there is no silver bullet).

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