[Mageia-discuss] [Cooker] Re: Transparency & open invitation to a united foundation..? [Was: forking mandriva]

andré andr55 at laposte.net
Sun Sep 26 06:55:34 CEST 2010

Olav Dahlum a écrit :
>   On 22/09/10 10:38, Anne nicolas wrote:
>>> Most agree that Mageia's destiny must now be in the hands of the community, and not depend on a company. Yes, but if said company is ready to act as a member of the community (like any of us but with maybe more means), and contribute to the project + do whatever it wants from the free distribution (corporate desktop, MDS, OEM products or anything else), then it's a win-win.
>>> And I pray again the former Edge-IT employees to avoid simply saying "I don't want to have anything to do with Mandriva", but rather the more nuanced "I don't want Mageia to depend on Mandriva" !
>>> Naïve point of view of mine ?
>> Not at all. Our goal is to make Mageia a succes for community. And I
>> guess we have work enough for now :).
>> Cheers
>> -------
>> Anne
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> So we agree on most things in this thread?
> -Olav.
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Having watched the various opinions on this thread, I think it is very 
important to collaberate with Mandriva to attain the goals of our 
community distribution, as much as is reasonably possible.  This 
includes accepting foundation funding, sharing cooker, even Mandriva 
representation on the board -- while maintaining our right to decide our 
future direction.
In my mind evolving to a RedHat/Fedora relationship would be ideal, but 
if not, look at the success of Mozilla, started with funding from AOL.
The advantage of an independant Mageia is that we focus on community 
needs, and Mandriva focuses on commercial needs -- quite different 
focuses, even though most of the software can be the same.
I'm glad to see that Anne is on side, and I hope that Romain will 
continue to contribute to Mageia, as his experience seems invaluable.

- André (just a long-time Mandriva user that hasn't to date contributed 
much more than bug reports.  And hopes to continue more actively to the 
first Mageia release.)

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