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Mon Sep 27 01:02:35 CEST 2010

2010/9/26 Sascha Schneider <schneider at zawm.be>
> I totally agree to that and I hope Mageia will make this happen.
> But I also agree that at this time Mageia has to saddle as a fork,
> structures have to be build, etc.
> Plus, we wouldn't use Mandriva if we don't like the way it works. So no
> need to change to deb or make Gnome the primer Desktop Env. or stuff like
> that
> My dream would be a very User and Admin friendly Disto
> One Installer CD for Desktop Dualarch - metapacks for the desktop env
> One Installer CD for a Serverversion inkl. LXDE + MMC-base and metapaks for
> some spezial apps inkl. the MMC modules (and pulse)
> One Installer CD for a Virtualserver using f.e. OpenVZ and a MMC based
> webui and some community templates
> In my opinion with this simple trippelisation you can arrange all kind of
> home, business, school, multimedia, netbook ... structures you ever imagine
> all with one Distro.

That's very, very near of my own vision for a "perfect" Linux OS. We have
the big advantage that everything yet still not done. And we count with
tools (delta-rpms, metapackages) to build a core system with "add-ons" (like
server packages, desktop packages...) improving modularity and system

At the same time, i'm aware that it can be a too big break from the mageia's
origins (in the meaning of system's scheme and organization). So, if we can
progressively drive mageia to this new scheme sounds reasonable too.

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