[Mageia-discuss] Help about gmane and broken threads - Use IMAP?

Morgan Leijström fri at tribun.eu
Mon Sep 27 11:21:06 CEST 2010

Den 2010-09-26 18:58:22 skrev Wolfgang Bornath:

> Right now I'm using googlemail with the mailing lists and it is
> getting more chaotic every hour.

Never tried googlemail so I am not sure what is chaotic.
However, i say:

Maybe use mailing list delivery to your mail account, and use IMAP to connect 
to your mail account from your computers, clients set to not delete on 

Then your clients can sort as you wish, you can delete efficciently manually 
or have _one_ of your clients set to automatically delete or 
fetch_by_POP+delete messages elder than xx days, or whatever it can do.

Normally clients can make folders on the sefver if you wish to sort mails 
manually (or automatically) and can be set to store sent mail back on a 
separate folder on the server if you wish.

I have both my laptop and work computer to connect to a few same accounts, and 
while i think IMAP is not designed for concurrently handling more than one 
client fr each account(?) i have not had much trouble.

I even have my work computer fetch by POP from the work account and leave last 
30 days mail. And i can connect to the same account by IMAP from my lappy to 
check the last months work mail from home, when i travel, whatever.
And use the other way around for private mail.

Note: i have experienced some clients do not do as i expected,
byt not sure if it is me or the clients ;)  Kmail works for me.

I donṫ understand why IMAP seem to be used by so few users.
Webmail i tried earlier was much slower, clumsier, and limiting.


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