[Mageia-discuss] correct donation details

Maât maat-ml at vilarem.net
Tue Sep 28 21:24:21 CEST 2010

Le 28/09/2010 21:01, Dick Gevers a écrit :
> It is only minor, but when I send a donation via bank transfer, the name
> that I can enter can be no longer than:
> (I copy/pasted into my bank application).
> Moreover, the IBAN was judged invalid due to the spaces in the number. Only
> when the spaces were removed did my bank accept it.
> Perhaps it might be wise to take this stuff into account. No doubt this
> might work differently when you use another bank than I did, but this
> is what I found.
> Best regards,
> =Dick Gevers=

Thanks for the report.

If you use bank web application many of them are very minimalistic

The model we gave on he website is the complete one thought to be used
through fax or direct demand.

If you use you bank e-form transfer order (as i do) you need to adapt to
your bank limitations, ie often :

=> Using shorter name for receiver label
=> Removing spaces for IBAN
=> Shortening Mention to 30 or 50 chars

It's very limitative but very few banks (afaik) made the effort to
provide a correct order e-form.

I found this rather rude too :-(


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