[Mageia-discuss] Modern Simplistic Logo Proposal

Dale Huckeby spock at evansville.net
Wed Sep 29 02:04:30 CEST 2010

On Tue, 28 Sep 2010, Rory Albertyn wrote:

> Hi all,
> We took a fresh modern simplistic look to the idea of a new logo. Items such 
> as colour and font should have just as much meaning as the logo design 
> itself. After a short bit of research, I was informed dark red is synonymous 
> with a Mage(magician) in keeping with the Mageia slogan.
> Every aspect of application was taken into consideration, such as logo's 
> banners, CD labels, t-shirts, business cards, favicons, link buttons, menu 
> icons and such. These needed to work in multiple resolutions (as stated in 
> the outlines on the website). Below is two examples of what have come to 
> mind. Please take time to look and give your opinion. I feel very strong that 
> such designs be a collaborative work of all involved. A 'one design fits all' 
> approach.
> The colours, font, shape and proportions are not absolute and can be adjusted 
> accordingly.
> http://www.mageia-za.org/mageia.jpg
> http://www.mageia-za.org/mageia2.jpg

I prefer something more abstract and evocative of magic or a mage than
a framed "m". Don't really need an "m" or any other letter at all for
the basic logo. Just my two cents.

Dale Huckeby

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