[Mageia-discuss] Join the Blog Team (translate, post, moderate, ...)

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Thu Sep 30 04:04:06 CEST 2010

Le 2010-09-29 13:05, Damien Lallement a écrit :
> Hello boys and girls,
> As you know, we are working on the localization of the Mageia Blog.
> I'm looking for volunteers to join the Blog Team (BT).
> What is the role of the Blog Team?
> - Manage blogs ;
> - Manage comments (moderate, validate...) ;
> - Publish content (in coordination with the BT, the Communication Team
> and the other related teams) ;
> - Translate content from the EN blog ;
> - Spread the birth of the localized blogs ;
> - Inform the project and needed people about important comments or
> remarks in the threads of a blog ;
> I will soon publish a wiki entry about the rules of the BT and the
> process to follow for each tasks asked.
> For the moment, the blogs are: de/ es/ fr/ it/ pt_br/ ru/ (and "en" by
> default).
> If you want to see a new language or locale, just answer on this thread
> to ask/propose a new one. Beware, if you ask for a new one, you will be
> in charge of it!
> To summarize, we need translators and moderators for each blog.
> So, let's go to apply. :-)

Bonjour Damien:

I can help with the English and/or French blog.

BTW ... wouldn't this be better if you set this up on the Wiki, just 
like the other options to sign-up, and divided up by locales? You would 
then get new people who visit the Wiki, there to signup for the Mageia 
project, a chance to signup for the Blog signup too?


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