[Mageia-discuss] Chinese translation for Mageia's page

futureway at asia.com futureway at asia.com
Fri Oct 1 07:57:54 CEST 2010

I have no other community now. And this is our community. You and I use  
the same native language -- Chinese, though we use different Chinese  
characters. (I don't mind if you use the traditional Chinse characters,  
and I also can read them because I am interested in ancient books.)

"分叉" can be used as "a fork of a road", but "分支" is used as "a branch of  
a tree", right? However, "fork" also has a meaning "branch" in many  
dictionaries. There is another difficult word "hack", and it is also  
difficult to be exactly translated into Chinese.

You can directly modify my Chinese translation (Skiper had sent it to  
the site), or put your Chinese translation on the site's front page. I  
wish to see a Chinese page in the site. :)


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