[Mageia-discuss] Mageia Mirror size

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Fri Oct 1 13:28:03 CEST 2010

> This thread has 2 issues, my comment is on the public mirror topic:
> I had, a couple of months back, a discussion with the group-leader at
> Switch who is responsible for managing the Switch mirror site: the
> Mandriva repositories had all at sudden disappeared from that mirror.
> I was told that removing Mandriva had been a strategy decision, trying
> to confine the size of the Switch mirror to a "reasonable" size, and
> that the access count to the Mandriva repository did not justify to keep
> it. My private opinion is that Switch - an educational organisation -
> has made a mistake here.
> That means that mirror sites do watch
> - the size of software they keep
> - the usage of the corresponding mirror
> - the "relevance" of that software.
> It may be a good idea if Mageia initially focuses on getting support
> from some few well-placed mirrors who can be convinced that Mageia is a
> promising "startup" distro and merits goodwill in a pump-priming spirit.
> I guess the language groups could help establishing contacts.
> To come back to my Switch experience: I have still good relations with
> their management; at that time, doubts about Mandriva were spreading and
> I did not have the necessary arguments for a discussion at that level.
> This will be different once Mageia is established and has a "good image"
> and a distribution anounced for date xxx. Is it worth while to have a
> small group of "advocates" who are mandated by Mageia to talk to mirror
> sites and discuss which sites to contact? If that helps (and offloads
> the people who do "everything"), I am willing to participate and help).

I think at this point, it is more of who you know personally at a 
potential "mirror site" location that will most likely help out. Mirror 
space is not taken lightly as it normally involves a certain amount of 
strain on the mirror site system. However, in the same breath, if the 
traffic on the mirror does not show enough usage, then it is considered 
a misuse of space and , like you said, in the case of the Switch mirror, 
the mirror is shut down.

Plus, if there is still no movement in the Cauldron showing that it is a 
going concern, then most mirror sites will only say to come back to talk 
to us only when you have something to show.


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