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Olivier Thauvin nanardon at nanardon.zarb.org
Sat Oct 2 16:21:35 CEST 2010

* Renaud MICHEL (r.h.michel+mageia at gmail.com) wrote:
> On samedi 02 octobre 2010 at 13:42, Renaud (Ron) OLGIATI wrote :
> > Seems to me that this is an area where all those really interested in
> > the  success of Mageia can help, at the cost of a little bandwidth, by
> > seeding for Bittorrent once they have downloaded the .iso they need.
> But for that to help reduce the size of mageia on mirrors, that would imply 
> that the ISOs will be only provided by bittorrent (or restricted to a few 
> mirrors more dedicated to mageia).
> I have already done it for mandriva, and I can seed some GB/month for mageia 
> ISOs.

Bad idea:
- bittorrent servers are not so availlable, espacially several years
  after the release
- iso not availlable on mirror will bother people making their private
  mirror for internal use
- many people cannot use bittorent (my own case at work, university
  filter it).

I am not against providing ISO using bittorent, but it cannot be the
only way to get it.


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> Renaud Michel

Olivier Thauvin
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