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doug dougrb at o2.co.uk
Tue Oct 5 13:00:47 CEST 2010

On 04/10/10 16:10, Michael Scherer wrote:
> Le lundi 04 octobre 2010 à 11:44 +0100, doug a écrit :
>> Can I put in a plea on behalf of users who can't even use a
>> telephone hook-up because of the appalling phone connection,
>> e.g. in a rural area through Telecom Italia, and are obliged
>> to depend on a 'dongle'?
>> I found an installation procedure for my dongle freely
>> available on the internet; it's not proprietary. In fact the
>> Windows installation disk that comes with the dongle itself
>> uses it. AFAICT it's the details of the dialer defaults, in
>> particular the init strings, that would have to be sorted
>> out for different broadband providers.
> If you have information to share, you should fill a bug report.

I'm not clear where I could file a bug report.
I can certainly set out what worked for me with Mandriva 
2009.1 for a particular provider. It didn't seem especially 
complicated; the main problem was tracking down the relevant 
information in the first place.
So where would I send it?

> Developers cannot really track down every provider on the planet.
> No, i must confess that I didn't use a modem since a long time ( the
> only one I used is the one of my mobile phone, and I used wvdial (not
> user friendly) and network-manager ( not sure it can work with non 3g
> modem )), so I cannot really tell where to look for filling a bug
> report.
> But I think you are right and that's important to make sure that it work
> fine.

<quote from later in this thread>...............................
 > > Of course I'm not suggesting that we collect the dial 
settings and phone
 > > numbers for each provider on earth - that would be, 
perhaps, impossible -
Well, that's exactly what is done for UMTS provider
). So i do
not see why it couldn't be done.
  <end quote>

Wouldn't this be the basis for including, say, a default 
dongle installation and a number of representative providers 
or appropriate links?


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