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Maât maat-ml at vilarem.net
Tue Oct 5 16:24:17 CEST 2010

Le 05/10/2010 02:39, Frederic Janssens a écrit :
> If I have understood correctly you will be the one to set up this
> communication structure.
I'm involved in forum part... that's just a tiny part of the whole
communication structure :)

> So, in the hope that the discussion can become somewhat more
> constructive that way, could you describe that structure as you see it
> now ?
> developers, triage, moderators, facilitators, helpers, .... users
> bugzilla, ML's, Forums : open , read only, restricted membership,
> moderated ...
Developers will organize themselves i guess... as already said i think
that nobody should try to force them to do things.

Triage team (as it used to be in Mandriva universe) belongs to
bugtracker domain though i consider it would be very cool to have a
(hopefully big) number of them in forum support team.

-- Support team as i imagine it is compound of rather experienced users
(and hopefully also skilled experts)  willing to guide less experienced
users and new comers. Ideally this team should be rather large to give
users a feeling of being quickly and well taken care of.
The members of this team will offer the better way for Mageia to welcome
users and give a positive support experience. This task can be very time
consuming so the more skilled they will be and the more their number
will be, the more easy to endure will be the task and the more happy
will be Mageia end users.

This team work and the quality of packagers work (iow the distro) imho
will be the best assets of Mageia to conquer the world :o) (i'm
borrowing Goom's "clown nose")

Qualities required (let's dream ^^) :

    * Good knowledge of installation and drak*wizards + general
      knowledge of linux and software you can run.
    * At least basic knowledge of howto deal with errors (where to find
      logs and error messages, basic decoding of these messages)
    * Indulgence and understanding for basic newbies errors and frequent
    * A holy halo would be appréciated (and angel wings also) ^^
    * And the reflex to call developers and packagers for help when the
      problems appear to be really complex...

-- Moderators will be the warrants of netiquette, respect between users,
fair play and Mageia spirit. They can also be part of Support team if
they have the knowledge and the time to carry both tasks well. We will
rely on them to limit trolls and to ensure people don't fight each other
or infringe forum rules. They'll need to be very present even if not
clearly active on topics. This burden is very time consuming and can
also need a good self control.

Qualities required :

    * Easy communication (think of Freenode's catalysts description)
    * Phlegm
    * Self control in case the previous qualities prove to be not enough
    * Wisdom if ultimately needed ^^

-- Administrators will be the warrants of the forum activity under the
control of Mageia board. They will do low level tasks, code features
patch bugs, create groups, organize and maintain forum structure, do
maintenance and update operations, give rights to groups,  be forbidden
to sleep when things go wrong. They will manage moderator teams and help
them if necessary. Having strong cooperation and real trust between
Moderators and Administrators is very important.

There will be probably other groups like "Board members", "Packagers",
"Translators", "Doc writers", "Cauldron testers". Dunno yet if those
groups will have special rights or features enabled. At the beginning
nope but as (hopefully) cool changes are hacked and mods added things
will probably evolve :)

And i guess howtos and guides will be helpful at least for Support Team
and Moderators...


> HowTo's, guidelines, ...
> Who does what where ?
> Even if incomplete, and with options and unknowns, I think it could help.
> -- 
> Frederic

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