[Mageia-discuss] Is it possible to give a platform for translation of different languages?

Jiang Yike futureway at asia.com
Wed Oct 6 00:43:39 CEST 2010


At present, if someone want to translate the pages or documents into his or her language, he or she must send the translation to administrators, and the administrators will put the translation on the site. If the translation should be improved, the translator have to send the improved translation to administrators again. Administrators are not able to read many languages, so they have to spend much energy and time on edit work of pages and documents with contacting the translator. Therefore, translation work often is inefficient.

I think the site can use a mode as Wikipedia. In Wikipedia, I created a Chinese page for Magie. Every time I read it, I have some new ideas to improve it, just modifying one word or two words. So, the page will be better and better. If every time modifying one or two words should be done by administrators, the translation work will be inefficient.

Except the original text of English or French, can other languages translation use a edit mode as Wikipedia? I am sure that the mode will be very efficient.

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Jiang Yike

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