[Mageia-discuss] Mailing List to Web Forum Bidirectional Gateway

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 08:36:01 CEST 2010

Op zondag 03 oktober 2010 06:25:58 schreef Tux99:
> I have set up a test web forum with bidirectional gateway to the
> Mageia mailing lists.
> I did this primarily to test the forum<>ML gateway functionality
> with the hope that it will be also implemented in the future
> official Mageia forum.
> This forum ML gateway is in no way meant to preempt or compete with
> the future official forum, on the contrary once the official forum is
> up and running (hopefully with equivalent functionality), I expect
> to shutdown this test forum again.
> The forum has already been filling up with posts since Friday
> afternoon, and it also creates automatically a forum user for every
> unique email address of senders of mailing list posts.
> Therefore if you have posted on the mailing lists in the past couple
> of days, you will find that you already have a forum userid.
> If you want to make use of it, go to the forum login page, enter
> your email address (the same one you use for the mailing lists!),
> click on "forgot password" and wait to receive an email for the
> password reset procedure.
> Once you have your password you can login and post messages in the
> mailing list forums, which then will also be posted to the mailing
> lists.
> If you only want to use the forum to read the mailing list posts,
> then of course you don't need to register/login at all.
> Please notice that the FIRST post for each user from the forum to the
> mailing lists takes about 5 minutes to get through, this is because
> the Mageia mailing lists have grey-listing active to avoid spam.
> If you don't already have an automatically added userid on the forum,
> then you can register as new user, but please make sure that you use
> the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS as you used to subscribe to the mailing lists,
> otherwise your posts to the mailing list will need to be manually
> approved by the Mageia mailing list admins, which means they will
> be delayed.
> Also to avoid spammers, every new user registration on the forum
> requires moderator (that would be me :) approval, so it can take
> up to 24 hours (but usually much less).
> Here is the direct link to the forum members pages, look here to
> see if you already have a userid:
>  http://mageia.linuxtech.net/forum/index.php?t=finduser&usr_login=&u
> s=2&btn_submit=Find
> The forum main page is here:
> http://mageia.linuxtech.net/forum/
> Myself and a few others have been testing the forum in the last few
> days, so I can say it's stable and works well, but of course it hasn't
> been tested under heavy load yet, so please be gentle... :)
> (this forum is running on a relatively low power rented virtual server
> so don't expect great performance under heavy load)
> If you have any problems with the forum itself, please post them in
> the dedicated sub-forum called "Forum discussion", don't post them
> here on the Mageia ML as it would be off topic.
> This sub-forum is obviously not replicated on any Mageia mailing list.
> I hope it will be useful for those of us who prefer a web forum rather
> than mailing lists, but still want to  partecipate in the mailing list
> discussions!

i notice that in 2010.1 in Kmail, this whole thread is grouped for date 
"Unknown" which is listed above "Today".

There is definately a date header, that doesn't seem to be the problem. It 
would be interesting to find out what is different between this and the other 

something about dates in the future when delivered? or something?

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