[Mageia-discuss] Wish List

doug dougrb at o2.co.uk
Wed Oct 6 16:12:50 CEST 2010

On 05/10/10 14:34, Marc Paré wrote:
>> Wouldn't this be the basis for including, say, a default
>> dongle
>> installation and a number of representative providers or
>> appropriate links?
>> Doug
> This would make the job of the maintainer of these setups
> quite a dedicated job. Providers come and go depending on
> their financial success. When they are successful, the get
> bought out. It would be best, in my opinion, as a FAQ or
> Wiki item that would somehow be available to users at the
> time of installation. A text file does not take a lot of
> space on a disc.
> Marc
Sounds reasonable, if the basic dongle installation was 
included on the distro.


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