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On Wed, 06 Oct 2010 17:42:51 +0200
Denis MARCOUREL <denis.marcourel at dr2m.org> wrote:

>  Le 05/10/2010 23:06, Romain d'Alverny a écrit :
> > That does not prevent listening, collecting and taking into
> > account feedback, contributions, opinions from everyone. But
> > those who commit to a given team work and processes get to
> > organize and ponder all this to fit in the whole project.
> For optimum performance (not to mention perfection), I think "it
> suffices" to establish basic rules of management, to avoid
> "anarchy" and "a waste" of time and energy.
> There is no question of hierarchy, but to accept our levels of
> knowledge and competence. So I'm just a basic user, and I simply
> and humbly admit that I hardly understand explanations of a
> recognized and experienced developer.
> If I have a question or comment, I share those with my level L,
> and the next level "higher" L +1. The answer is known ?
> Everything is OK. Otherwise the problem is studied by those at
> level L+1 and L +2. And so on until the response.
> That seems more than acceptable, because there is no shame in
> accepting what we are.
> Cordially
> Denis

We also need to understand that one person might be at different
levels in different circumstances - for example, a packager who
works on OpenOffice might need newbie-level help when starting to
use Amarok. However expert we are in our own specialist field, we
are all newbies at something we haven't tried before!

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