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andré andr55 at laposte.net
Thu Oct 7 07:06:17 CEST 2010

Marc Paré a écrit :
> Le 2010-10-02 18:24, André Machado a écrit :
>>> Mageia 23, Mageia 37. Sounds good? At least for me it doesn't :)
>> Fedora 14 beta is out. Slackware 13.1, too. But when we get there,  we
>> can improvise. We can do like Corel DRAW! X4 , that has a impact  name
>> and is the 14th version (X4 = X + 4 and X is 10 in Roman numerals). Or
>> we can use both, eg: M$ Office 2010 is, internally, Office 14.
>> For more than a version to year, we can use months, sequential numbers
>> or a strange numbering system like Mageia 1.0.20110101 where last part
> Whichever numbering system is used, it should be easily understood by 
> the average user and it should not look like it is making the previous 
> version sound like an inferior product. I personally don't mind the 
> year assignation "Mageia 2010.1" followed by "Magiea 2010.2" which, to 
> me, is easily explainable to everyone ... "Mageia 2010.1" is the first 
> release of Mageia in 2010 and "Mageia 2010.2" is the second release of 
> Mageia in 2010.
As far as the year designation goes, I definitely think that we should 
use the actual year, instead of copying the car industry with something 
like 2011.0 for late 2010.
Personally I have some preference for using 2011.0 in March and 2011.1 
in October, but 2011.1 and 2011.2 format would be ok.
> It should be a numbering system that is easily understood regardless 
> of country, culture or age. A 10 year-old and 90 year-old should be 
> able to guess and understand the system easily. This could then be our 
> "public" numbering system. Easily read and easily understood.
> As to the Cauldron, dev etc. versions, then it could very well be a 
> more descriptive numbering system based on day/month/year (the metric 
> date format) Mageia09022010. This could then be our "dev" and 
> "internal" numbering system. We would, of course, promote the fact, 
> that our develop system dating and numbering system would follow the 
> long established metric formats.
> Marc
The date format should be year/month/day, as in 20100209.  This is the 
official order used by the UN, for example.
It is also used by Mozilla products, and much other software.  There is 
also a gradual conversion to this format by many international 
companies.  And much gov't issued id (as in Québec, Canada).  
Day-month-year is the traditional European format.

As far as this dev/internal date goes, there is nothing to prevent it 
from continuing on the official release version, along with the year of 
the release.

- André (andre999)

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