[Mageia-discuss] Install Mageia from Windows

Renaud MICHEL r.h.michel+mageia at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 20:16:00 CEST 2010

On samedi 09 octobre 2010 at 18:24, Kira wrote :
> No, there's more people using Laptop than Desktop today.
> With laptop, most of the time Windows is already installed on the
> machine,

Well, windows is pre-installed on most desktop too anyway, and has been for 
more than a decade.

> which means something easier to install is needed.
> ----
> But not something like wubi...I hope it's something that can transfer the
> exist system into something like virtual machine and can be launch from
> grub.
> Currently we still have to install from Live System/Direct Installer,  
> which is still hard and scared to newbie, especially for people used to
> have pre-installed system on their system.

The install of most major distributions (excluding at least debian, I 
haven't tested all) is already pretty easy, if it is still to complicated 
(or scary) for some people (and I agree that many people may be scared, 
although I believe most would be able to handle it) then they should not do 
it alone.

That's what LUGs and install parties are for, help people with the (more 
complicated) first step.

The install of a full OS is not as easy as installing a normal program (or 
even installing some system component for your actual OS) and should not be 
presented as such, as there is at least the partitioning which is a risky 
operation. (what would happen if the user decide he wants to stop the 
install while shrinking his partition?)

Renaud Michel

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