[Mageia-discuss] Install Mageia from Windows

Lucien-Henry Horvath tempo2 at marneau.eu
Mon Oct 11 00:15:13 CEST 2010

> In which case it might be better a,nd safer to ensure that you are not
> breaking company policy by changing OS....
> Cheers,
> Ron.
It's a IT company ... (SSII in french). So, if needed for customers 
reasons (I need a unix not only in virtualbox because NAT make me 
difficulties), the IT policies can be break for own PC : no problems in 
this side. I'm not realy one of these stupid users who install little 
games on their Windows or search games in flash under IE and risk to 
break the configuration by viruses.

But, break the security policies is not the subject.
The subject is not to respect the policies of certains companies. If my 
example is not good, look for example laptop like eee PC without DVDrom, 
and no usbkey at 1 miles around. Other this : I was so doom, that I have 
disable the cdrom boot of my own PC, put a password on the bios and 
forget the password ...

The subject I want discuss, is to install a dual-boot Xp/Linux without 
any other device than the hard disk of the PC ... and a network connexion.
- With wubi.exe, I found a good solution.
- If there is a such solution with Mageia, I take too ;-)


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