[Mageia-discuss] How about launching "Mageia working parties"?

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Tue Oct 12 11:41:40 CEST 2010

Le 2010-10-12 04:54, Romain d'Alverny a écrit :
> On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 10:17, Juergen Harms<Juergen.Harms at unige.ch>  wrote:
>> [...]
> That's an excellent point that indeed, complements teams, for
> cross-displinary works and experiments.
>> Some embroidery around how such working parties might work:
>> - their principal aim should be to work out concepts / proposals that
>> improve the end-user value of Mageia;
>> - their work should be complementary to what the established Mageia
>> structures do (Mageia teams, the cooker-follow-up, etc);
>> - they should be self-organised (off-load work from the established
>> structures; in one extreme using a private mailing list for communication,
>> in the other extreme use a temporarily maintained sub-forum)
>> - they should work under the umbrella of Mageia (the work should in relation
>> to topics raised in Mageia mailing lists and forums, Mageia should be kept
>> informed; Mageia might formulate some general guidelines to be respected in
>> order to accept the working party under the label of Mageia).
> So that would be coordinated by/reported to the Mageia Council then.
> There needs to be some sort of formal designation (to know who is
> working with whom and on what) as well as progress/final reporting and
> archives of discussions or results. But that's something to iron out
> of practice.
> Would be good/obvious for Mageia.org to provide tools for that, but
> indeed, letting these groups experiment with unused, outside tools is
> a good opportunity as well.
> As for the "Install from Windows" thing, that could be a start, but
> (these are general points anyway):
>   - before, or while building this work group, you have to assess the
> value of having an Linux installer from Windows; that is, goal is not
> to make a "me too" installer; goal is to understand why/if there needs
> to be a Linux installer from Windows in the first place and if there
> is a user-benefit of having one on the large scale and in the user
> flow (that is, as several pointed out in the thread, isn't this more
> like a "fast" answer to a problem that has not been thought deeply
> enough?) =>  in short, what problem does this solve? is it really the
> problem? is it really a good solution?
>   - for instance, is it to fully replace the system? dual boot? user to
> decide? will the user be properly reassured about the process, her
> data and really understand what is going to happen?
>   - note that this is not to discourage, it's to test the idea;
> moreover, there can be other benefits from working on a Windows-based
> Linux installer (if ever): knowledge, inter-systems operatins, doc,
> skills;
>   - volunteers should spec this (a short one will do), what they expect
> to demonstrate as a proof-of-concept (working program, user flow
> project), build the work group (for instance here, will likely need a
> Windows system developer at least), focus and then go ahead.
> Romain

Just in case you are not aware, there is a survey on the discuss list 
trying to collect this particular data. You may want to add your input 
to the survey. Look for the thread: "[tdf-discuss] Survey|Opinion - 
LibreOffice Install and Update" where some users have already raised 
these points.


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