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2010/10/12 Samuel Verschelde <stormi at laposte.net>

> Hello everyone,
> The Association of French-speaking Mandrivalinux users ( AUFML, Association
> des Utilisateurs Francophones de Mandriva Linux, http://mandrivafr.org )
> will have a booth at the Free Software Days ( JDLL, Journées du Logiciel
> Libre, http://www.jdll.org ), in Lyon, France, on October 14th, 15th and
> 16th.
> We chose to represent both Mandriva Linux and Mageia. However, you probably
> guess that most of us are more interested in Mageia, and we think that
> people there will also be interested in it. We hope to be able to talk about
> this project to many people and convince some of them to try Mageia's first
> release when it's ready, or better yet to contribute.
> We prepared some materials (in French) :
>  - colourful flyer with a quick explanation, FAQ's extracts, useful links,
> and some logos from the flick collection :
> http://www.mandrivafr.org/dossiers/association/Mageia/tract09.pdf
>  - the text from mageia.org/fr :
> http://www.mandrivafr.org/dossiers/association/Mageia/tract_1b_Mageia_(2pages).pdf<http://www.mandrivafr.org/dossiers/association/Mageia/tract_1b_Mageia_%282pages%29.pdf>
>  - bordeaux poster (wine's color, we're not far from Beaujolais :)) :
> http://www.mandrivafr.org/dossiers/association/Mageia/mageia%20bordeaux.pdf
> We'll try to report back after the event :)
> Regards
> Samuel Verschelde

Alles is onmogelijk, als je het maar wil.
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