[Mageia-discuss] Mageia logo proposals and selection

Graham Lauder yorick_ at openoffice.org
Thu Oct 14 01:18:05 CEST 2010

On Thursday 14 Oct 2010 06:39:32 Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
> 2010/10/13 Marc Paré <marc at marcpare.com>:
> > I think Graham is trying to voice (I agree with him at this point) is
> > that the marketing/communications committee is working through steps
> > that lead to branding suggestions. We are almost done with the
> > groundwork and holding off a bit would help us in completing and
> > presenting our suggestions.
> As I wrote I do agree as well.
> > This is not a case of branding a targeted group at this point but the
> > overall flavour of the Mageia brand.
> Uh, sorry, I thought he wrote "identifying target markets", may be I
> did not read it right? I am not talking about the time when this will
> be done but rather voice another warning about being too restrictive
> while doing that "indentifying target markets", whenever that will be.
> I still remember the previous discussion about such restrictive
> targets as "young couples" and the like, basing the procedure on
> demographic statistics of certain parts of the world.

Ack and I swore I wasn't going to get into this discussion again because it's 
like talking to a brick wall and actually you proved my point about target 
markets by suggesting the vast and incalculable differences between Germany 
and the rest of the OECD.  

However, you still stubbornly hold to the view that somehow, by a piece of 
grand magic that nobody else in the business world has ever managed to do, 
unless they are a monopoly, we can come up with something that suits everyone 
in the world of all ages.  Tell us what that secret is because you'll be able 
to sell it for millions. Usually the people who say this are in reality saying 
"Everybody in MY demographic" 

The reality is: We are going into a saturated market, there are hundreds of 
distros out there, the successful ones have identified their target markets 
and branded to that market,  The major competitor works effectively in a 
Monopolistic atmosphere while still spending $US500 million annually on 
marketing and you think they don't target markets!

We have been working on publishing the Core Values over the past week or so, 
that immediately defines a market in and of itself.

The families market suggestion was one that came to me because of personal 
experience in my business in that my most successful instances of selling 
linux have (after studying results) been in a family environment where the 
small network support model was functioning.

Now in my market then the target would be the Mothers, in Germany, according 
to your analysis, the Fathers, in each of these markets the upshot of success 
is 2.4 users, or possibly more if you count 3 generations (Or whatever your 
average family size wherever you are) and an instant local support network 
(MS's greatest strength).

The point is the suggestion was made giving due consideration to a pile of 
factors including maintaining user base, aka: Brand Loyalty (Kevin Roberts, of 
Saatchis calls  'Building Love Brands' and he often cites Apple as an 

Now does that mean we are restricting the market, of course not.  Apple's  
target is young, high disposable income, singles.  To me that's obvious and I 
could prove that, but I was told that "Apple Targets everyone"  ???? naturally 
by someone in that demographic.    

Marketing is not witchcraft or voodoo, it's a science and an art form.      

We need to get on with it  and no matter what there is an absolute given:

"You cannot please all of the people all of the time"

Really, at this point we have a lot of work to do before we define or even 
identify our target market. When we get to that point any realistic positive 
alternatives will be well received.  


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