[Mageia-discuss] Mageia logo proposals and selection

Thomas Backlund tmb at iki.fi
Thu Oct 14 07:38:43 CEST 2010

Graham Lauder skrev 14.10.2010 07:24:
 > On Thursday 14 Oct 2010 16:16:39 Tux99 wrote:
> Damned by faint praise, and frankly I'm insulted, I suggest you read the Core
> Values statement which is up on the website now I think and which I and my
> team put together in deep consultation with the founders.


> especially when you say it as though you have a deep dark knowledge.  I don't
> really have time to do marketing 101 here and It's wasting my time when I
> could be doing the more useful things that the Founders have asked us to do.

Now this last comment does not at all follow the Values...
The "more useful things to do" approach is never a good argument... ever...

> However:
> Marketing raises Brand awareness
> It connects a value with the product in the Consumers mind
> It connects a brand with people on an emotional level
> That's it, Getting people to use it is Sales which is a different beast
> altogether.


> We get people to see the brand, connect with the brand and then think about
> investigating it after that it's sales and engineering.

But as one point already made, namely the "engineering part"...
It does not help if we get a brand, but no developers & testers that is 
interested in it...

>> Software is not a car or a handbag or a jacket, those are items where
>> looks and design counts a lot, with software the only design that counts
>> is UI interface design aimed at maximising usability.

One thing that we must be careful about is the "maximising usability" 
part, as it's easy to get it so "dumbed down" that it ends up 
useless/annoying for many users...

> There is an old saying there are none so blind as those that will not see, and
> it doesn't matter how good the UI is, if no-one looks at it, it's the same for
> anything, you can make it as pretty and as usable as you want if nobody knows
> the brand exists then the only ones that will connect are the ones that
> stumble across it accidentally.


> Once more, this is wasting my time and there is no point in discussing this
> with a closed mind and entrenched attitudes.

and the Values got hit again :(
please think before you write.

And if you think of the last statement, the "closed mind" part goes both 
Many things in this discussion does come out as "closed marketing mind" 
vs "closed user/developer mind".


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