[Mageia-discuss] Mageia Flash

Morgan Leijström fri at tribun.eu
Fri Oct 15 14:54:55 CEST 2010

Den 2010-10-15 12:20:30 skrev Catalin Florin RUSSEN:
> Why not: Stick'on Mageia ;)

> From: Mihai Dobrescu <msdobrescu at gmail.com>
>> Mageia in Flash 'n' Bytes...

Haha, yes "get mageia in a flash" or such could be useful in marketing!

Here is an effort to change a live Cd to flash with persistent storage

I really ment to say is we should put more effort on flash than optical media, 

   § Really small computers do not have CD/DVD ( I have one )

   § Less bad media or writer problems ( I have had both )

   § Less write tool problem ( I think )

   § The OS is starting up and load new applications faster (not as fast as 
from hard disk, but gives better impressions than a Live CD) and/or lower 
demand of RAM (for buffering)

   § Persistent storage (Well it could be really useful for actual use, 
trevelling, repair tool.)

   § Install:
      o other languages (also, so we do not need to do several base versions 
to include all languages, and make the image less huge)
      o updates and bugfix are easy - less need for frequent releases, always 
possible to be current also when not installed to hard disk!
      o install other programs the user needs

    § Remastering (reconstruct the compressed image to include the updated 
files instead of the old)

We should deliver working solutions for running on flash stick, and good and 
simple instructions and helper programs for that.
Have a script, and for windows users an .exe to both instruct how to retrieve 
and verify the image file correctly (or do it itself), search for target, 
ability to set size of persistent storage (all left or limited) and 
(advanced) file system.  Link to resource page on wiki.

For a flash version it should be possible to persistently install new 
software.  (the base image may still be compressed)

Ability to remaster on the fly like MCNL can would be great.

And of course some nice utility to install to hard disc, with nice icons, well 
written short instructions and most automatically taking the user step by 
step through schrinking windows, partition, and transfer.

Maybe some other utility to make a copy of the stick to another USB flash 
(maybe after remastering)

Maybe get some MCNL folks aboard on that?

Some helper on syncing th estick to other computer directly, and tips on how 
to set up and use another service such as DropBox, Evernote, etc
- to really get use of the stick.

/Morgan Leijström

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