[Mageia-discuss] Install Mageia from Windows

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Tue Oct 19 03:30:24 CEST 2010

Le mardi 19 octobre 2010 à 01:59 +0100, Robert Wood a écrit :
> On 19/10/10 01:50, Wayne Sallee wrote:
> > It sure did not hurt my feelings. It was a lot quicker to read. I tire 
> > of having  to scroll down a ton of lines to read peoples post. In fact 
> > I often won't even bother to read a response if I have to scroll down 
> > to read it.
> >
> Agreed, it's a ridiculous rule; people who fail to snip out reams and 
> reams of previous postings are also guilty of breaking netiquette, but 
> never get seemed to be pulled up for it. It's far easier to read top 
> posts and I too just skip past mails if there's loads to scroll through 
> before getting to the message.

The problem is just that most people do not think to trim down posts.
If you feel someone should remove part of the message, you can simply
tell them off-list ( because I think the constant reminder of top
posting on the list is a little bit annoying ). Just be nice, most
posters may not realize how it appear on other people screen, and may
not be accustomed to using a ml for every communication, hence the
netiquette rules.

Michael Scherer

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