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Luca Berra bluca at vodka.it
Mon Oct 25 08:16:48 CEST 2010

On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 08:19:19PM -0400, Wayne Sallee wrote:
> I agree that it is only logical to contribute by e-mailing the packager 
> about an improvement need in the package, but some packagers don't want you 
> e-mailing them about their package.
this sounds harsh, and it is untrue,
what we, the packagers, are trying to explain, is:
- contribution in maintaining packages is always appreciated, reports
   about bugs, missing features or whishes.
- unfortunately, we do not work on the distro for a living. We happen to
   have a job to do, or school and exams to take.
- we are litteraly swarmed by mail (we are usually subscribed to the
   developemente mailing lists of the packages we maintain, plus mageia
   and mandriva ml, plus we have a life on our own)

So while we do not actively refuse input received via email, we
recognize our fallacy and admit that we are prone to forget about it in
the flood of email.
The reason why we prefer a bugzilla ticket is not due to sadism versus
the end user, it is because we know it won't get lost.
Sometimes when i get an email with a suggestion i even open a bugzilla
ticket and assign it to myself.


Luca Berra -- bluca at vodka.it

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