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andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Mon Oct 25 17:15:17 CEST 2010

Wayne Sallee a écrit :
> Oliver Burger wrote on 10/23/2010 11:39 AM:
>> Wayne Sallee<Wayne at waynesallee.com>  schrieb am 2010-10-23
>>> I think that everyone with a decent computer, should install both 
>>> Gnome,
>>> and KDE.
>> Why?
>> I normally don't need more then one DE on my system. I do install 
>> applications
>> from both DEs (kmail, korganizer,... from KDE, pidgin, gimp,... from 
>> but why should I install more than that?
>> Oliver
> It gives a second desktop to fall back on, and guarantees all 
> dependencies for KDE or GNOME aps, provides a fall back method to 
> adjust setting such as font and such for desktop aps used in the other 
> desktop, and gives the newbe the ease of switching to the other 
> desktop until they decide which one they like. And installing both 
> desktops is an easy way to install all standard aps for both desktops, 
> and that new standard apps for the unused desktop is installed with 
> desktop updates, so that it's there if you need it. Just like I like 
> to have several internet browsers even though I rarely use the others. 
> If one is giving you trouble, you can try the other.
> Wayne Sallee
> Wayne at WayneSallee.com

It's not clear your definition of "decent" ...  do you mean a computer 
with almost unlimited disk space, multicore 64-bit processor ... ?

And why not just install everything in all the repositories.
One never knows when one might need another application ...
and besides, it's so much fun playing with all sorts of different 
applications, learning and configuring all sorts of different desktops ...

However, most users want to do just that ... *use* their computer, to do 
They don't want tons of clutter on their disk to maintain.  They don't 
necessarily want to learn the particularities of more than one major 
Or to learn 47 different applications to do essentially the same thing.

Personally, I use Gnome, and have adapted to its few shortcomings, in 
preference to those of KDE.  Unfortunately KDE insists on installing 
many applications which, in addition to not working very well, clutter 
my system, including the menu.
But others prefer KDE over Gnome, and some like yourself prefer both.
If a minimal install of KDE were available, maybe installing both KDE 
and Gnome by default might make sense.
But it seems to me that a simpler environment would be advantageous for 
newer users.

- André

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