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Mon Oct 25 23:56:32 CEST 2010

Wolfgang Bornath a écrit :

>  2010/10/25 Wayne Sallee <Wayne at waynesallee.com>:

> > Wolfgang Bornath wrote on 10/25/2010 12:24 PM:

> >>

> >> I don't think it would help. There is (was) the tag "Doc"

> >> similar) in Bugzilla which already marked the bug as

> >> related to documentation. Somebody who is concerned and

> >> that would also ignore a separate section and vice versa.
I like

> >> a more general approach involving the users and packagers

> >> likewise:

> >

> > Yea I think that having it all in the same bugzilla is best,

> > most newbees are not going to think of posting the issue in a

> > report. Most newbees are going to think that bug reports are

> > the software not working right. So I think we need to somehow

> > the newbees know that bugzilla is the place to report

> > needed in rpm documentation.


>  That's where the part is coming in which you cut from the quote of

>  mail :)

What about "docuzilla", a place to treat documentation ?

There is a fundamental difference between software bugs, and 
documentation considerations.
Software bugs often do not have an obvious cause, and generally require 
a level of technical
  expertise that surpasses the average user.
For documentation, the problem, and its solution, are generally obvious 
to an average user who understands
  the language in question.
There is the problem, for the package description, of knowing what the 
program does, but although
  the developers can give a technical description, this often has to be 
reworked to be in a form
  the average non-technical user can understand.

1) Documentation and text displayed in programs have to be localised.  
Program logic does not.
   (At least, beyond doing internationised coding.)

2) Documentation has to be presented in a manner that non-technical 
users can understand.
   Program logic has to be presented in a manner that technical people 
can follow.

3) Problems with documentation is generally best corrected by 
non-technical users.
   Program logic is the domain of technical specialists.

4) Documentation is best developed and corrected together, in 
essentially the same process.
   Program development and debugging are different processes, although 
they can involve the
  same people.

Bugzilla could be used for both types of problems.  Maybe just 
separating the input and
  correction interfaces would suffice, but it seems to me that we really 
need to take a
  different approach to the 2 types of problems.

Here we are all technical people (not necessarily developers), and we 
have no problem with bug
reports, etc.
But many documenters and translaters are essentially non-technical, and 
they should have a good
sense of presentation to non-technical users in order to make credible 
And when they contribute corrections, they have no need of the 
formalised process of bugzilla.
A correction is generally a quick glance, verify the context, and it's done.

Whence my proposal for a separate section of bugzilla.  More accessible 
for non-technical users,
who thus risque to contribute more actively to Mageia.

But if anyone has a better idea ...

Another 2 cents :)

- André

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