[Mageia-discuss] what aabout an automated way of doing it?

Dale Huckeby spock at evansville.net
Sat Oct 30 00:05:06 CEST 2010

On Fri, 29 Oct 2010, Renaud MICHEL wrote:

> On vendredi 29 octobre 2010 at 16:50, Catalin Florin RUSSEN wrote :
>> You cannot read the mind of an user, but you can install an agent (small
>> app)  that register his habits, his installed, applications, his desktop
>> parameters in a central account and reproduce them on a new install, ie.
>> from version Mageia 2011 to Mageia 2012 :)
> Desktop and other applications configuration are stored in the user's home
> directory, so if you have a separate /home partition (which mandriva does by
> default, I guess mageia will too), even if you re-install you won't lose
> your configuration.

Ah, but you WILL if you're a newbie and, not knowing any better, format
that partition along with the others. (It does help that, IIRC, the default
is to not format it.) This would be a good place for a dialog informing
the user in nontechnical language of the consequences of formatting /home.

Dale Huckeby

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