[Mageia-discuss] ISO 0 specification

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 13:05:38 CET 2010

Op dinsdag 02 november 2010 12:23:08 schreef Wolfgang Bornath:
> 2010/11/2 Maarten Vanraes <maarten.vanraes at gmail.com>:
> > last meeting i read agreed on april
> Yes, sorry.
> > imo, there's way too much to be done to have anything stable; and if we
> > go this route, i can predict that our release will not be stable enough.
> Well, I am neither a developper nor a packager. If the leading people
> who are either experienced Mandriva developpers or packagers or
> experienced release project leaders tell me they see April as a
> realistic time of release I do believe them.

i'm a newbie packager.

> The basis is the current cooker. What makes you believe that the
> Mageia people will not be able to achieve what Mandriva has announced
> to do? Mandriva announced to release end of Q1 / beginning of Q2 2011.
> Both have the same starting point.

i don't really want to base myself of what Mandriva will do:
 - there is a big amount of bugs that are just sitting there
 - how many devs do they have?
 - they can always postpone or bring an unstable release (there have been 
unstable releases in the past)
 - i thought the QA team was almost empty?

The reason for this question of myself is that (as a non-cooker user), i find 
the current cooker really really unstable and unfit for release (duh).

however the amount of work there is to be done to make it somewhat stable; and 
then again the amount of work there is to be done to make it well-tested and 
the amount of work for all the contribs and unmaintained packages...

don't forget that if RPM is upgraded; we will have alot of work to be done to 
get everything working properly.

and even then all our contributors will have to be taught as well...

This question is like a reminder that there is a huge amount of work, and 
contributors aren't up to speed. and we're not ready for work yet? BS needs to 
be finalized. the teams aren't elected yet, there is still lots of wiki and 
docs to be done...

personally, i just don't see it feasable in that timeframe.

Kind Regards,


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